Guido Torzilli


Guido Torzilli, MD, Ph.D., FACS Milan, Italy
Consultant Editor

Professor and Chairman, Department of General Surgery – Director
Division of Hepatobiliary and General Surgery – Humanitas University – Humanitas Research Hospital – Rozzano – Milano, Italy

Dr. Torzilli is a prominent European liver surgeon, known for his surgical and scientific activities in the field of precision surgery for malignant liver tumors. His interest in intraoperative ultrasound examination of the liver and its vascular structures led to the development of several novel techniques, such as liver tunneling, minimesohepatectomy and the upper transverse liver resection. He has been driven be the conviction, that a tailored liver surgery for malignant tumors should have the secondary goal of sparing parenchymal volume as well as the vascular skeleton of the liver. The overall strategy he dedicated much of his research and surgical activities to, has become known as parenchymal sparing liver surgery. He served as the first Editor in Chief of SGO, and is a member of the Executive Committee of IASGO